RiskGuard* v3.0

RiskGuard* 3.0 is a software solution for risk management, compliant with Basel III standard and customizable to fulfill requirements of local supervisors. Powerful routines RiskGuard* 3.0 uses are optimized for working with large banking and trading books and are enabled for precise management of complex financial instruments. Calculations are performed on the client’s server. Interaction with the end user is done via a graphical user interface that users can easily access from a web browser.

RiskGuard* 3.0 is developed in a multi-layered architecture. Its basic components include:

  • Data source;
  • Data import and validation module 3.0;
  • RiskGuard* 3.0 DataMart;
  • RiskGuard* 3.0 Core – calculation engine and a safety layer;
  • Graphical user interface.

RiskGuard* 3.0 is a modular product. A bank can create its own risk management system by combining modules that fit it’s specific needs. RiskGuard* 3.0 main modules are:

  • Credit risk module 3.0;
  • Market risk module 3.0;
  • Liquidity risk module 3.0;
  • Operational risk module 3.0;
  • ICAAP module 3.0;
  • ALM module 3.0;
  • Investment portfolio module 3.0;
  • Data validation and import module 3.0.