RiskGuard* system architecture

RiskGuard* is multilayer risk management software system based on client-server architecture with the following application layers:

  • Calculation engine – comprehensive and highly optimized financial calculations
  • Calculation flow layer – a layer whose role is to run, monitor and control the flow of financial calculations
  • Security layer – a layer in charge of security and reporting of the system state
  • Communication layer — a layer performing database access and communication
  • DataMart – a layer which consists of administrative, production and test databases
  • GUI — layer of the graphical user interface

All of the application layers are designed with a high degree of flexibility, which provides quickly and easily system adaptation to specific customer requirements. Special flexibility is reflected in the way the database layer is created, which means that both the production and test databases can be adapted to various needs of RiskGuard* system users. Our long-standing practice is to devote great attention to the development of integrated databases for risk management, specific to each of our clients, as well as to adapt and respond to the needs of specific business processes of system users.

The major features of RiskGuard* system are great scalability, functionality, stability, efficiency, robustness and also system is user-friendly, which is reflected in simplicity and intuitiveness of working with the entire system.