Credit rating and scoring methodology

Our methodology for assigning credit ratings to retail, SMEs and large corporate entities is based on the state of the art models relying on logistic regression techniques. Rating assessment includes estimates of PD, LGD, EL, unexpected loss, credit VaR and various tail risk measures. During the course of risk consulting projects, we provide each of our clients with tailor-made internal ratings solution which best suits its specific needs. Apart from calibrating our general model to a client’s specific portfolio and delivering comprehensive rating reports, one of the key deliverables of each project is a fully documented, transparent methodology, which can easily be internalized by the client. Given its full compliance with both Basel II standards and IAS 39, ratings resulting from our methodology can on equal footing be used as an input for IRB approach for computing credit risk capital, as a basis for determining the level of provisions and impairment, as well as a qualitative input for classification of risky assets in accordance with local regulation.