CIF begins implementation of Basel III solution in Telenor Bank

February 9, 2017

CIF is happy to announce the successful start of implementation of RiskGuard* 3.0 in Telenor Bank. RiskGuard* 3.0 is a comprehensive software solution for risk management,.

CIF begins co-operation with Kreditech

February 8, 2017

CIF is proud to announce the beginning of co-operation with Kreditech. This Hamburg-based startup is one of the largest fintech startups in the World valued at more.

CIF delivers macro-based yield curve forecasting tool to Japan Macro Advisors

February 7, 2017

CIF is happy to announce the new phase of co-operation with Japan Macro Advisors, a leading provider of insights and analyses of Japanese economy. In this.

CIF delivers a custom-made credit rating model to

February 6, 2017

CIF is happy to announce a successful delivery of credit rating and scoring model to Bezahlt is a Berlin-based invoice factoring startup founded by.