about our company

CIF is the leading company in the region of South-East Europe specialized in research, software development and consulting in the field of risk management, with more than a decade of presence in the market. CIF provides risk management software solutions and consulting services for banking and insurance industry, asset management companies and non-financial enterprises.

What do we do


We have developed a comprehensive software solution for risk management called RiskGuard*, fully compliant with Basel standards and customizable to fit requirements of local supervisors. RiskGuard* system also contains tools for calculation of provisions and impairment in full compliance with IFRS, as well as tools for asset and liability management (ALM) and investment portfolio management. And a whole lot more.

RISK Consulting Services

Our consulting services include, but are not limited to: internal capital assessment, credit rating for retail, SME and corporate obligors, backing out market-implied PD and LGD for exposures to sovereigns, efficient allocation of collateral in order to minimize capital charges, data gap analysis, regulatory compliance gap analysis and financial risk management for nonfinancial enterprises.


 CIF in-house training is aimed at providing relevant, tailor-made education in a broad range of topics in finance for board members, executives, risk managers and other professionals within institutions. Years of experience in risk management have provided us with in-depth knowledge of topics that are relevant for financial industry and the real sector. You can benefit from our expert seminars and courses by focusing on specific subjects of risk management practice.